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House Rules

Dear visitors,

welcome to our Museum, we sincerely hope you will have a pleasant time here.

Before you start your visit, we would like you to familiarise yourself with the House Rules.



Purpose of the Rules

The aim of these rules is to ensure that visits to the Museum take place in a pleasant atmosphere. It is thus in your own interest to keep to these rules.


Householder’s Rights

The management exercises the rights over the household, as represented by the employees at Museum Ritter. Their instructions must thus be obeyed; they are designed to ensure visitor safety and to protect the exhibited artworks.


Admission Prices and Opening Hours

  1. Admission prices and opening hours at Museum Ritter are listed separately. The list may be viewed at the ticket desk and on the Museum website.
  2. The Museum can close the building to visitors, in full or in part, in case of overcrowding or as it sees fit.


Visitors to the Museum

  1. The House Rules are binding for all visitors. By entering the Museum, visitors agree to abide by the House Rules and all other directives laid down to ensure the safe running of the Museum.
  2. Museum Ritter welcomes visits by children, adolescents and adults.
  3. Children under ten may only visit the exhibition galleries in the company of an adult.


Behaviour in the Exhibition Galleries

  1. Touching the exhibits is strictly forbidden; all exceptions are specially signposted. Handling objects in the proximity of the exhibits that might cause damage to the works is strictly prohibited.
  2. Animals may not be brought into the Museum. The sole exception is blind dogs.
  3. It is not permitted to eat or drink in the Museum foyer and the exhibition spaces. Taking liquids into these rooms is strictly forbidden. Smoking is not permitted in the Museum building; this also applies to the indoor section of the Museum café.
  4. Visitors are liable for any damage they may cause. Parents or legal guardians are liable for their children or for pupils entrusted to their care.
  5. Adults accompanying children and adolescents are responsible for the behaviour of everyone in their charge. This likewise applies to visits by school classes and kindergarten groups.
  6. Group leaders must remain with their group at all times and ensure that everyone stays together. In case of booked guided tours, the Museum guide can discontinue a tour if, after repeated requests, the group continues to behave inappropriately or fails to keep together after it has been expressly request to do so. In such cases the group forfeits the right to a refund of the tour fee.
  7. Visitors are requested to avoid any behaviour that offends common decency and impedes order and security. The use of radios or televisions, music instruments and playback devices is not permitted in the exhibition spaces. The use of mobile phones to make calls is only allowed in exceptional situations. Visitors must avoid disturbing others by loud conversations or noisy behaviour.
  8. The management has the right to check visitors in case of theft.


Storing Clothing and Luggage

It is strictly forbidden to enter the exhibition galleries with bulky items of any kind, such as umbrellas, backpacks, baby carriers, hiking sticks, or bags larger than A4 (approx. 20x30 cm), or in wet garments.

In case of doubt the attendants will decide. A cloakroom with lockers is available for coats, jackets etc., and the aforementioned items. Dry garments that are not left in the cloakroom must be kept on at all times. The Museum assumes no liability for articles and clothes that are kept in the cloakroom or put in the lockers. The Museum is also not liable for articles that are left outside, such as prams, walking sticks and such like.


Baby-Care Room

A baby-care room is available in the sanitary facilities.


Photos and Films

Photographing and filming is essentially permitted for private purposes in the foyer and the exhibition spaces, except when expressly prohibited by a wall text or exhibit sign. When taking photo or making films, please observe the privacy rights of other visitors and of the staff members who are present. The use of artificial lighting (flash, lamps etc.), tripods, large camera lenses, selfie-sticks, drones or similar aids is not permitted. Visitors are responsible for observing image rights and copyright. We wish to point out that dissemination on the Internet and on social media does not come under private usage and may constitute an infringement of copyright.

Photographing and filming for commercial and research purposes, as well as for reviews and articles (press), is only allowed with the written permission of Museum Ritter.


Museum Attendants

The attendants are instructed to ensure that the House Rules are respected and upheld, so any directions given by the attendants must be obeyed. The attendants are entitled to tell members of the public to leave the premises if they have seriously infringed the rules. Should such infringements be repeated, the management reserves the right to bar the person(s) permanently from the premises.

Visitors are not entitled to a return of their admission fee if they have been told to leave the premises.

We ask for your understanding that the staff is not permitted to accept tips or gifts.


Lost Property

Museum Ritter is not liable for any items that have been lost, forgotten, or mislaid in the Museum. We kindly ask you to hand in any lost property you find in the Museum at the ticket desk.


Final Clauses

The House Rules enter into force immediately. They are on display in the foyer in the Museum building, and published on the Museum website. They may also be consulted in the rooms of the Museum’s administration during office hours.

The English version of this document is a translation solely provided as an aid to understanding. In case of legal disputes, only the German original is legally binding.


Waldenbuch, March 2020

Dr. Barbara Willert / Museum Director