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Spatial Miracles

Installations, Spatial Constructions, Light Sculptures

30 October 2016 to 1 May 2017

At the focus of this exhibition are seven approaches to geometrical abstraction which capture, expand and reshape space in a variety of ways. For a long time the question of space in art of the modern era was primarily directed to the perspectival depiction of spatial situations. During the twentieth century, the rise of new art forms such as installations, conceptualism and light art brought about a change of interest regarding the topic of space. Contemporary art has undertaken a remarkably complex reconfiguration of space: the concept of space no longer embraces simply the figural and constructive aspects, but also virtual, socio-cultural and interactive elements.

The exhibition shows how artists today tackle space and how they succeed in creating new spatialities. While Annett Zinsmeister develops spatial scenarios from given architectural structures and elements, Jacob Dahlgren has filled the exhibition gallery with a large walk-in cube made of countless coloured ribbons, in which the astounded visitor quite simply loses himself. Hans Kotter for his part fathoms the spatial effects of light in combination with mirrors, and with this constructs illusionistic light objects that draw the viewer far into their depths. The young sculptor Manuel Knapp takes a quite different route to create his virtual forms: using cotton yarn, he spins complex spatial constructions that light up in the dark like magical emanations. Annette Sauermann’s sculptures done in concrete and coloured acrylic glass sensitise the viewer’s perceptions to subtle materialisations of light.
While Beat Zoderer has taken common or garden particle boards to make an ironic version of the prefabricated apartment block, Tamas Kaszas conceives of space as a socio-political nexus for actions and conveys a scepticism in his work about historical utopias.

The artists in the exhibition are Jacob Dahlgren, Tamás Kaszás, Manuel Knapp, Hans Kotter, Annette Sauermann, Annett Zinsmeister und Beat Zoderer.