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All Change 2

A New Presentation of the Marli Hoppe-Ritter Collection

6 May to 30 September 2007

The Museum Ritter showed a new selection of works of the Marli Hoppe-Ritter Collection. The presentation will assemble about 60 works which are paintings, graphics and objects from the early 1940s till today. Once again there were many great discoveries to made in the realms of geometrical art: the spectrum ranged from constructivist paintings and works on paper done directly in the tradition of the Bauhaus from the 1940s onwards, to the rational-systematic tendencies of the Zurich Concretists and their artistic legacy, to fringe positions in Concrete Art, as well as to refreshingly non-dogmatic approaches that owe more to the powers of intuition.
Alongside precise geometrical works derived from a clear grammar of forms, and artists such as Max Bill, Bob Bonies, Andreas Brandt, Geneviève Claisse, Dany Paal and Carlo Vivarelli,  this new presentation featured in particular a number of different approaches by painters. The luminous compositions of a painter such as Johannes Itten, or the landscape abstractions of Antonio Calderara done in fine pastel shades, are as much a part of this as the extremely chromatic compositions of artists such as Bernard Aubertin, Piero Dorazio and Rupprecht Geiger. No less sensual is Günter Umberg’s black, velvety painting, which literally conveys the feeling one is being engulfed in its fathomless depths, or the mysterious paintings of Günter Scharein.
The shape of the square also opened up new, surprising, unconventional and playful possibilities not only in the familiar ream of painting, but above all in today’s cutting edge production - as evinced by works by among others Dieter Balzer, Alexandre da Cunha and Tina Haase.


Artists of the Exhibition: 
Bernard Aubertin, Dieter Balzer, Max Bill, Bob Bonies, Andreas Brandt, Hellmut Bruch, Antonio Calderara, Enrico Castellani, Geneviève Claisse, Hugo Demarco, Piero Dorazio, Adolf Fleischmann, Jean Michel Gasquet, Camille Graeser, Werner Haypeter, Johannes Itten, Auguste Herbin, Michel Jouet, Gabriele Langendorf, Vera Molnar, Francois Morellet, Willi Müller-Hufschmid, Aurelie Nemours, Heribert C. Ottersbach, Dany Paal, Jürgen Paas, Platino, Peter Roehr, Günter Scharein, Henryk Stazewsky, Wolfram Ullrich, Günter Umberg, Carlo Vivarelli u.a.