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Dóra Maurer - Snapshots

19 October 2014 to 19 April 2015


Dóra Maurer (*1937 in Budapest) is a pivotal figure of the Hungarian art scene and internationally known as one of the leading women representatives of concrete art. Over the fifty years of her career she has worked in a variety of artistic media, including photography, film, art prints, and painting. But it was her avant-garde experimental films and conceptual photographs that brought Dóra Maurer her breakthrough in the 1970s.

Since the early 1980s she has worked primarily in the field of painting. Beginning with shifting grids, Maurer developed the concept of what she terms “quasi-images” – snapshots as it were from a complex pictorial system. Space, motion, perspective and perception are the central themes of her visual sys-tems, which she still continues to explore. Dóra Maurer taught from 2003 to 2007 as professor at the Magyar Képzőművészeti Egyetem – the Academy of Fine Art - in Budapest, where she has lived to this day.

The exhibition shows important work groups of the artist. Selelcted art works represent her oeuvre from the early 1970s till today.

Pictures from left to right:
Dóra Maurer, IXEK 5 (Durchdringungen), 2010-2011
Dóra Maurer, Dreifachfläche, gebrochen, 2004
Dóra Maurer, Seven Turns (1), 1977/78
Dóra Maurer, Seven Turns (2), 1977/78
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