Museum Ritter
Alfred-Ritter-Straße 27
71111 Waldenbuch

Tel.  +49(0)7157.53511-0 


Museum Ritter was founded for the wide-ranging art collection that has been amassed by Marli Hoppe-Ritter, the co-owner of the RITTER SPORT company. The museum opened its doors to the public in September 2005. The theme of the collection is the square in recent and contemporary art, while the goal of the museum is to exhibit the collection and bring it to the public eye. This venture is supported by the Marli Hoppe-Ritter-Stiftung zur Förderung der Kunst, which means Museum Ritter can operate quite independently of public financing.

As a private institution, Museum Ritter is devoted to the presentation and promotion of chiefly geometrical abstract art. Works from the holdings of the Marli Hoppe-Ritter Collection are shown in temporary exhibitions held at regular intervals. In addition, three to four themed exhibitions are put on each year, focusing on particular aspects of the collection. The goal of all this is to show the historical developments in the field of geometrical abstraction, while also presenting important international practitioners of this persuasion. Furthermore, solo exhibitions are also dedicated to individual artists in the collection. The significance of the geometric approach to contemporary art has also been documented in recent art projects.

Our exhibitions are all supported by a rich programme of events. With our wide range of activities geared to different age groups, we invite everyone to embark on an inspiring encounter with 20th and 21st century art. Museum Ritter wants to communicate its art and its knowledge about this art to as many people as possible, as well as to encourage open and creative dialogues and to act as a lasting impulse. One especially important task for us is, in our view, encouraging children and adolescents.
Museum Ritter wants to make a positive contribution to the cultural development of the region. The team at the museum brings a great degree of motivation to the realisation of these goals.

Images above:
Exhibition views with art works by Imi Knoebel, Matti Kujasalo, François Morellet, Camille Graeser, Leon Polk Smith, Vera Molnár, Bob Bonies, Rolf-Gunter Dienst © Artists and VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2016