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Red Appears before Red

Works from the Marli Hoppe-Ritter Collection

Special Guests: Stefanie Lampert and Platino

21 May to 17 September 2017

The exhibition "Red appears before Red" takes around 70 works from the Marli Hoppe-Ritter Collection that highlight the different aspects of the colour red, both with regard to the sheer breadth of red  tones that exist, as well as to their systematic use in concrete art. With the aspiration that came with Modernism to forge an autonomous form of art, red became one of the colour of choice for abstract painting in the early twentieth century. While attention at the Bauhaus focused on the primary colour red in its all-encompassing theory of design, pure red became a major element of a new, reduced visual language in the art of Constructivism and the de Stijl movement.


This presentation of the collection shows that to this day, the colour red has remained an important object of reflection in the field of geometrical art. Apart from the compositional possibilities opened by the colour, questions also revolve around its material prerequisites, the ways in which it is perceived, and also its various shades of meaning. Thus red presents itself in this selection as variously a monochrome surface and as an autonomous pictorial element, while at the same time its radiance can clearly be heightened when juxtaposed with its complementary colour, green. The colour red awakens moreover a whole cluster of associations, including fire, energy and blood, and can also serve as the bearer of symbolic or political messages.

The choice of works on the two storeys of the Museum gives an insight into the developments in art from the 1920s to the present. It largely covers approaches to painting, which have been augmented by a number of works from the realm of object art. Also on view are a coloured light space by Stefanie Lampert, and a site-specific installation by the artist Platino, which have both been devised specially for the exhibition.
Artists in the exhibition:
Karl-Heinz Adler (DE, born 1927), Kirstin Arndt (DE, born 1961), Bernard Aubertin (FR, 1934–2015),
Jakob Bill (CH, born 1942), Reto Boller (CH, born 1966), Bob Bonies (NL, born 1937), Ad Dekkers
(NL, 1938–1974), Rita Ernst (CH, born 1956), Günter Fruhtrunk (DE 1923–1982), Rupprecht Geiger
(DE, 1908–2009), Kuno Gonschior (DE, 1935–2010), Jean Gorin (FR, 1899–1981), Camille Graeser
(CH, 1892–1980), Gotthard Graubner (DE, 1930–2013), Christiane Grimm (DE, born 1957), Katharina Hinsberg (DE, born 1967), Johannes Itten (CH, 1888–1967), Edda Jachens (DE, born 1960), Rudolf Jahns (DE, 1896–1983), Thomas Lenk (DE, 1933–2014), El Lissitzky (RU, 1890–1941), Gerold Miller
(DE, born 1961), Vera Molnar (HU, born 1924), François Morellet (FR, 1926–2016), Aurélie Nemours
(FR, 1910–2005), Georg Karl Pfahler (DE, 1926–2002), Iwan Albertowitsch Puni (RU, 1892–1956),
Michael Reiter (DE, born 1952), Alexander Rodtschenko (RU, 1891–1956), Karl-Peter Röhl
(DE, 1890–1975), Diet Sayler (RO, born 1939), HD Schrader (DE, born 1945), Regine Schumann
(DE, born 1961), Atanasio Soldati (IT, 1896–1953), Sabine Straub (DE, born 1963), Nikolaj Suetin
(RU, 1897–1954), Ilja Grigorjewitsch Tschaschnik (RU, 1902–1929), Günther Uecker (DE, born 1930),
Timm Ulrichs (DE born 1940), Peter Weber (DE, born 1944), Birgitta Weimer (DE, born 1956),
Renate Wolff (DE, born 1956)

Gerold Miller, Set 189, 2014 © Artist
Platino, Gracias a la vida, installation (detail), 2017 © Artist