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All Change 3

New presentation of the Marli Hoppe-Ritter Collection

18 May to 28 September 2008


For this third new presentation of her collection celebrating the topic of the square, the museum’s founder and collector Marli Hoppe-Ritter will feature a number of major accents. The around 60 works from the collection, together with numerous loans from the participating artists will direct our gaze to the quite heterogeneous approaches in today’s geometrical-constructivist art.  On show will be the latest works by artists from the broad tradition of concrete constructivist art.


On show will be the latest works by artists from the broad tradition of concrete constructivist art. Groups of works will be presented for instance by Rita Ernst, Dóra Maurer, who will be showing new pieces that have never previously been exhibited.    

The artist Jürgen Paas has used circular and square picture panels to create a large, brightly coloured wall installation specially for the museum – where it will be shown for the first time. Paintings and works on paper from various periods give a fascinating glimpse into Vera Molnar rigorously geometrical oeuvre, which she has developed over the decades. Molnar is one of the pioneers of computer art, as is the artist Manfred Mohr, who will be showing among other works one of his latest generation of computer pieces. Whilst Horst Bartnig and Hans-Jörg Glattfelder have achieved great successes in the strict discipline of concrete painting, Antonio Calderara and Johannes Geccelli represent a rather more lyrical approach.


The paintings and picture objects created by István Haász combine the liberty of the brush with geometrical construction to create a balanced synthesis, and Peter Weber’s “foldings” show how felt and foil can be used to make clear, geometrical compositions with great aesthetic effect. That the form of the square also constantly opens up new, surprisingly unconventional and playful possibilities outside of its customary realm of painting is testified to by a number of select sculptures by artists such as David Fried, Tibor Gáyor, Kubach & Kropp, Matti Kujasalo, and Peter Vogel.


The artists participating in the exhibition are:
Horst Bartnig, Antonio Calderara, Rita Ernst, David Fried, Tibor Gáyor, Johannes Geccelli, Hans-Jörg Glattfelder, István Haász, Livia Kubach & Michael Kropp, Matti Kujasalo, Dóra Maurer, Manfred Mohr, Vera Molnar, Jürgen Paas, Peter Vogel, and Peter Weber.