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Beat Zoderer
Interlocking No. 1, 1998

Paint, felt and wood on canvas
205 x 197 x 17 cm
© VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2020

The relief Verschachtelung Nr. 1 (Interlocking No. 1) seems like a cropped image of a gigantic city from a birds-eye perspective. The image’s system is assembled from quadratic pieces of wood of various thicknesses. On the upper side, they are painted and stacked on top of each other and joined into architecturally similar images. There is no visible organizational system.
Zoderer has used construction, household and office objects as material for his works since the early 1990s. He prefers things with basic geometric forms devoid of emotional value. The goal is a systematization and minimalization of the means of design. The result is, however, exuberantly rampant ornamentation. “Liberated from inherent necessity, the civilization achievement that usually serves as an everyday accomplishment develops into a provocatively aesthetic obstinacy.” (Elisabeth Grossmann, 1999)


1955 born in Zürich, Switzerland  
lives and works in Zurich