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New Friends

Current approaches to the square

27 October 2007 to 20 April 2008


What welds friends together is their joint interests. In this case it is an interest in abstract, geometrical shapes, or more precisely the square, that links the nine artists in the exhibition “New Friends – current approaches to the square”. 
Looking aside from this mutual theme, the artists all have their own highly distinctive ways of working: The material means they use to focus on this geometrical form include textiles, plastic, wood and wax. For the exhibition in Museum Ritter the artists have by and large produced new installations that respond to the surrounding space: Stefanie Lampert has devised a piece for the large windowcases involving brightly coloured foils and Perspex sheets, Beat Zoderer has created a large sculpture made of painted honeycomb panels, and Inge Gutbrod has installed a lounge inside the museum for the eyes and ears.

A questioning light will be cast on our deeply-rooted experiences of space and our customary ways of seeing by Michael Reiter’s Raumverspannungen (Room bracings) and Eva Maria Reiner’s table sculptures featuring an arrangement of gentlemen’s shirts. Siniša Kandic will be presenting his 49-part "Rolfunk” project, and So-Ah Yim will be showing her latest minimalist picture boxes.
David Shrigely’s animation “New Friends” has provided the title for the exhibition, which is based round recent acquisitions made by the Marli Hopper-Ritter Collection and presents contemporary artists and their latest work. A number of them were already represented in the collection, while others are quite literally new friends of the Museum Ritter.

Artists in the exhibition:
Inge Gutbrod (D), Siniša Kandic (CH), Stefanie Lampert (D), Eva-Maria Reiner (D),
Michael Reiter (D), David Shrigley (GB), Silvia Wille (D), So-Ah Yim (ROK), Beat Zoderer (CH);