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Guest Show

The Marli Hoppe-Ritter Collection - from the Artists’ Eyes

26 October 2008 to 19 April 2009

Museum Ritter presents it themed collection based on the square in regularly changing exhibitions. But the current change concerns not only the choice of artworks, but also the conceptual approach. Because for this “Guest Show” we have invited five artists to act as curators and give their own angle on the works in the Marli Hoppe-Ritter collection

Two male artists, two women and an artist’s group have each orchestrated a space in the museum starting out with their own particular works. In this way strategies of convergence, delimitation or mingling have become apparent, and each presents completely new ways of viewing the works in the museum and of framing historical pieces from the collection in contemporary art contexts. The results are highly varied, they are unfamiliar, and they differ quite distinctly from the normal manner in which the collection is presented.

The artist and scenic designer rosalie has exhibited a group of pictures from the cycle “Garden of Tandaradei” – square paintings all a-glitter and in strident hues worked from plastic granules. The bright splash of colour created by this wall installation stands in marked contrast to one single work taken from the collection, a neon piece by François Morellet that emits a cool radiance.


Timm Ulrichs takes the opposite direction by showing a large number of works from the museum’s collection. After distributing them over the three walls of his space, Ulrichs has taken a “new measure” of these works. Sorted according to horizontal or vertical picture structure, or weight, he has assayed the works using spirit levels, plumb lines and scales.


The conceptual artist and visual poet Heinz Gappmayr, on the other hand, attunes the viewers’ perceptions to a conceptual-philosophical mode by means of his five works. Parallel to this he presents a wide range of pieces from the collection, all selected on the principle of maximum contrast. It is not so much the points in common that are highlighted here as the greatest degree of individuality.


Kirstin Arndt’s approach to the museum’s collection is yet again different: she has integrated several icons from the collection into her sculptural installation, which she has made of everyday materials and building supplies. This bold combination and means of presentation guarantees the visitor new angles on the works in the collection.


Filderbahnfreundemöhringen FFM has turned standard curatorial practice completely on its head: they have entrusted a number of employees of the Ritter Sport company with original artworks to hang on their living room walls. Inside the museum itself, the newly-created exhibition situations are shown along with the new proud - if temporary – owners by means of photographs.


The exhibition reveals a whole host of new facets to the Marli Hoppe-Ritter Collection: fresh, fascinating and fully unexpected - for both recent fans and faithful friends of the museum.