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Highlights. Light Art from the Collection

18 October 2020 until 11 April 2021



On show on the ground floor of the Museum are prime examples of contemporary Light Art from the Marli Hoppe-Ritter Collection. These works attest to the lasting fascination that light has for artists, and to the creative possibilities it opens up to them. New innovative techniques and light sources inspire moreover contemporary artists to get a new creative angle on light. Many artists today enjoy working for instance with LEDs, because their colours can be mixed and controlled by computer to produce dynamic changes. These works demonstrate an impressive synergy between high-tech and sensuality, technical finesse and poetry.


The dazzling highlights of the exhibition give an idea of the great diversity of ways light can be harnessed: Maurizio Nannucci adapts everyday means used in illuminated advertising, such as the coloured neon tubes he has used in his geometrical design for the emotionally charged word LOVE. The coolly radiant works by Brigitte Kowanz, who employs a wide range of light sources, lend subtle visibility to the ephemeral medium of light. Kowanz examines the questions of what light actually is, of how it defines space, and how it can convey information in combination with writing.


Werner Bauer, for his part, uses acrylic glass and light-conducting or light-harvesting foils to create light boxes that give a sense of form and direction to the intrinsically immaterial medium of light. Like the gently pulsating coloured LED light squares made by Miriam Prantl and Betty Rieckmann, his works shift between clearly defined geometric shapes and sensually atmospheric play. The en relief light piece by Gregorio Vardanega presents a mathematically balanced composition in which coloured light strips are distributed over a white background according to the classic principles of Constructive Art. Finally, François Morellet succeeds like no other in taking glaring neon light to produce works with a playful lightness and cryptic humour.



Werner Bauer, Brigitte Kowanz, Siegfried Kreitner, Adolf Luther, François Morellet, Jan van Munster, Maurizio Nannucci, Miriam Prantl, Betty Rieckmann, Annette Sauermann, Gregorio Vardanega



Betty Rieckmann, A Morphing Frank Stella 10, 2015, photo: Artist, © Artist

Werner Bauer, L 65/93, 1993, photo: Olaf Nagel, © Artist

Maurizio Nannucci, LOVE, 2013, photo: Gerhard Sauer, © Artist