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Karl Duschek
Codification with Squares, 1972

Acrylic on canvas
40 x 40 cm

The tradition from which Karl Duschek’s work became understood is Constructive-Concrete Art. A main issue in his painting is the figurative representation of complex structures in a simple form language. Herein lies a reference to the theories of Max Bense, who delivered his thoughts in an important philosophical foundation for Concrete Art. The constructive-concrete image language is a system of signs capable of setting forth complex interrelations quadratically. In his series, Duschek represents the relationship of the individual parts to the whole. In them, the same principle is brought to light under changed conditions.
A counterpart with the same title as Codierung mit Quadraten (Codification with Squares) exists, in which the order of the individual forms is exactly repeated, yet the relationship to the painting surface differs. Together, all images in a series are the expression of a superordinate world model that brings its specificity to view in the individual painting.


Karl Duschek

1947   born in Braunschweig 
2011   died in Stuttgart