Museum Ritter
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71111 Waldenbuch

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Programs for Children and Youth

Free entrance for children and youth
up to 18 years.


Each of our younger visitors receives a cost-free kimuri art puzzle to entertain and guide them around the exhibition by means of a series of quiz questions and riddles.

Creativity Workshop for kids

A 1,5-hour program allows children to explore the themes and motifs of the exhibition in a playful, imaginative way. After a special children’s tour of the Museum, it is the little ones’ turn to be creative.

Thursday, 9 June, 25 August, 2-3.30 p.m.

€ 6 (including material)


Reservations must be made by phoning +49(0)7157.535 11-40


Workshop: Play becomes Art becomes Music

Led by members of the Youth String Orchestra Weil im Schönbuch and the SKOhr-Labor, the museum will be explored inside and out, and turned into a sound piece that will be performed at the evening concert. For children aged 7 to 12, no previous experience necessary.

Saturday, 25 June, 4-7.45 p.m. (with concert and intermissions), € 6

Reservations must be made by phoning +49(0)7157.535 11-40+


Not Just “dot, dot, comma, dash”!

A journey into the land of lines with drawer Annie Krüger: After an exciting tour of the exhibition, children aged 8 and over will join together in the open to create a large “drawing” using found objects. Finally, they will make their own lines dance in a fanfold presentation. Bring things to eat and weatherproof clothing!


Wednesday, 10 August, 2.30-5.30 p.m.

€ 12 (including material)


Reservations must be made by phoning +49(0)7157.535 11-40


Learning to see and create by playing with the Viseur

The art educational game "Le Viseur" helps children perceive basic colours and to recognise simple geometric shapes.

Inspired by works in the exhibiton, children from the age of 7 create abstract pictures using the Viseur.


€ 55, up to 12 children per group, duration: ca. 60 minutes


Reservations must be made by phoning +49(0)7157.535 11-40