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Eszter Poroszlai

Layers 1, RYB, 2016

Oil on canvas

70 x 70 cm

Photo: Péter Laczkó


The delightfully coloured oil painting RYB belongs to a six-part group of works titled Layers 1, in which Eszter Poroszlai plays through a number of compositional variants by means of a combinatorial procedure and a simple system of forms and colours. Fanned out on a white background measuring 70 x 70 cm are three coloured squares, all of the same size and each with a circular opening at the centre. These transparent forms have been superimposed on one another in the sequence "Red, Yellow, Blue", so that they not only transform the initial colours magenta, yellow and light blue into various shades of green, orange and violet, but also generate a host of new coloured geometric figures. As a result of the cropped appearance of the picture, and the fact that the circular opening seems to be both an axis of rotation as well as a “light tunnel”, the constellation inevitably awakens an impression of spatial dynamics and is set moreover into vibration by the alternating transparent and opaque sections.


The motif of a square rotating inside of a square recalls on the one hand Dóra Maurer’s sequence of images titled Seven Turns, and on the other Johannes Geccelli’s Kipp-Bilder  [Tilting Paintings], in which – much as with the Layers – the congruence of the visual motif and image carrier is displaced. However, in Eszter Poroszlai’s case the turning of the layered squares and circles create a merry dance of dynamically coloured spatial figures. As with the artist’s other paintings, drawings, visual objects and installations, the simple geometrical shapes of Layers 1 are likewise transmuted into transparent, at times seemingly immaterial colour structures. As Poroszlai explains, she is concerned with “harmonising instincts and emotions with structure, system and order”.


Eszter Poroszlai

1974 born in Budapest
Lives and works in Budapest