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Colours in a Square. Works from the Marli Hoppe-Ritter Collection

English-italian exhibition catalogue, 230 pages
Price: 30,- €


A Square is a Square is a Square

German-english exhibition catalogue, 306 pages
Price: 32,- €

Once again the third catalogue of the Museum Ritter collection presents an exemplary selection of around 120 works from the Marli Hoppe-Ritter Collection.
The holdings of the collection now encompass over 1000 prints, paintings, sculptures and objects of abstract geometrical art that all revolve around the theme of the square. The spectrum ranges from historical approaches such as Russia Constructivism and the Bauhaus via abstract geometric art from the Zurich Concretists and Op Art, to present day Neo Geo and contemporary Light Art and Kinetics. These works, by and large from Europe, demonstrate the new, fascinating possibilities that are constantly generated when art looks at the square.

With around 120 work descriptions, foreword by Marli Hoppe-Ritter, introduction by Barbara Willert, and an interview with the collector by Martin Stather

Publisher: Museum Ritter, Wunderhorn Verlag 2018

Horst Hamann. Museum Ritter

German-english photo book, 168 pages

Price: 26,- €

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Museum Ritter, the photographer Horst Hamann has created an exceptional homage to the Museum. For nearly two years he has been a regular visitor here in Waldenbuch, and has captured the atmosphere in and around the Museum with his camera. The result is a weighty volume of photographs. They feature not only museum building and scenes from day-to-day work at the museum, but also the collector, the architect and impressions of Waldenbuch. These are then rounded off by portraits of the artists who have had their own solo shows over the past ten years at Museum Ritter. Horst Hamann has met them all personally in order to produce a suite of impressive portraits. Horst Hamann, born in Mannheim, spent nearly 25 years in the US before returning to Germany a few years ago. In the nineties he rose to international fame with his striking black and white vertical photographs of New York skyscrapers. He has put his name to over 25 books and volumes of his photographic work. For his book “Absolute New York” he has been awarded the silver Deutsche Fotobuchpreis (German Photo Book Prize) 2015.

Hommage to the Square

German-english exhibition catalogues, 308 pages

Price: 29,50 €

This catalogue is published to mark the large-scale presentation of the collection at Museum Ritter, “Homage to Square” (17.10.2009 – 11.04.2010), and showcases 112 works by means of reproductions and texts. Together with an interview by Kurt Weidemann with the collector, a review of the first four years of Museum Ritter by Gerda Ridler, and a look forwards by Barbara Willert to current abstract geometrical art practice, the publication gives a vivid picture of the collection, the collector and the museum.

With contributions by Marli Hoppe-Ritter, Gerda Ridler, Kurt Weidemann, Barbara Willert, and others
Publishers: MUSEUM RITTER, Wunderhorn Verlag 2009

Square. The Marli Hoppe-Ritter-Collection

German-english exhibition catalogue, 362 pages

Price: 25,- €

The opening exhibition at Museum Ritter and the accompanying catalogue with around 100 exhibits provide a representative view of the Marli Hoppe-Ritter Collection. Simultaneously the exhibits trace out in exemplary fashion the history of geometrical art from its beginnings in the 1910s to the present. The chronological point of departure is a small Suprematist pencil sketch by Kasimir Malevich from the year 1915. From there the narrative arc follows the various currents in Concrete Art from the 1920s to the 1950s, the "Zurich Concretists" and "Arte Programmata" in Italy, ZERO and Kinetic art, and right up to present-day approaches with computer art and installations

With contributions by Marli Hoppe-Ritter, Ralf Christofori, Gerda Ridler, and Barbara Willert, among others.

Publisher: MUSEUM RITTER, Wunderhorn Verlag 2006