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Esther Stocker

Portrait of Disorder

21 October 2012 to 14 April 2013


Starting October 21, the ground floor gallery at Museum Ritter will present new works by Vienna-based artist Esther Stocker. Alongside her most recent photographic works and paintings, an installation specially developed for the space at the Museum can be seen. 


Esther Stocker belongs to the young generation of artists who have unerringly pursued the geometrical constructivist tradition to this day, and come up with new angles on this approach. She uses a reduced vocabulary, restricted to lines, grids and right angles, and her colour schemes focus on the non-colours black and white. Using these minimal means, Stocker employs superimpositions, shifts and fragmentation to produce structures that explore the (visual) space with a dynamic intensity. Order and disorder collide, mingle and augment one another to produce vital, expressive compositions.

Esther Stocker, o.T., 2004
© Artist