Outdoor quick tour, July 2020

We introduce you into the Museum Ritter by means of short-time outdoor tours for a maximum of 9 participants each Sunday. You only pay the admission to the museum.


The tours begin Sunday at 3.00 and 3.30 p.m. in the arcade of the Museum Ritter.


Reservations must be made by Friday, 4.00 p.m.:



Please note: A minimum distance of 2 meters (2.5 yards) must be maintained to others. Otherwise visitors are required to wear a mask covering mouth and nose during the tour.



Openair-Cinema in the arcade of the museum

Summerly Openair-Cinema in cooperation with "Kino vor Ort" and "Kinomobil e.V."

Saturday, 8. August: "Das Salz der Erde"

Saturday, 5. September: "Der Totalkünstler"

9.00 p.m.


€ 10 (Tickets only on the day in the evening starting 8.30 p.m.)


Tales for Young and Old

Story teller Petra Horter whisks the listeners away into the world of the birds by feathers and words.
For children aged 5 and over, and grown-ups

Wednesday, 12 August, 3.30 p.m.


Reservations must be made by Friday, 4.00 p.m.:





We request your comprehension in case of any changes we may take concerning the outline of the events.