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Bildertausch 3
(18.05.08 - 28.09.08)
Horst Bartnig
Antonio Calderara
Rita Ernst
Hans-Jörg Glattfelder
István Haász
Dóra Maurer
Manfred Mohr
Vera Molnar
Jürgen Paas
Peter Weber
Werner Bauer
(18.05.08 - 28.09.08)
Alighiero Boetti
(26.10.08 - 26.04.09)
(26.10.08 - 26.04.09)
François Morellet (17.05. - 27.09.2009)
(28.05.2009 - 25.06.2009)
Homage to the Square
(18.10.2009 - 11.04.2010)
Timm Ulrichs (08.05. - 19.09.2010)
Camille Graeser (08.05. - 19.09.2010)
Caution colour!
(10.10.2010 - 01.05.2011)
Regine Schumann - black box
(10.10.2010 - 01.05.2011)
Dóra Maurer:
“My works … come from the heuristic experience of the motion, from the processuality and changeability in all things.”

In Dóra Maurer’s view, art is not a statically determined fact, but a dynamic event. So it comes as little surprise that change is a central topic in her work. She constantly searches for variations on a visual idea that are produced by a precisely set system of rules involving shifts, distortions and overlaps of the individual elements.
Around the middle of the 1970s, Dóra Maurer came up with her concept of “Quasi-Bilder” [Quasi-pictures]. The title alone indicates that these paintings are momentary “snapshots” or excerpts from a complex visual system. In the 1990s she revised her ideas and increasingly introduced perspectival construction, which lend her works a sense of spatial depth. At times she achieves the desired perspectival distortions by projecting a Quasi-Bild onto a curved surface. The resulting deformed shapes are then transferred back to a flat picture support.

It was in this way that she created her work “Hemisphärische Drillinge” [Hemispherical Triplets], which consists of three picture panels and a spherical wall drawing: a number of rectangles drawn in outline in a variety of colours have been fitted into a hemispherical convex grid, all of which have variously been foreshortened, elongated and made to overlap according to specific rules. To this day, perspectivally curved shapes and the depiction of movement in space have dominated the artist’s work. And time and again Dóra Maurer renews the visual systems she has devised. Thus, for instance, in her works of the last few years seemingly semi-transparent colour fields that also overlap in colour terms give the suggestion of spatiality and the often accompanying impression of weightlessness.
1937 born in Budapest, where she lives and works
1955–61 studied at the School of Fine Art, Budapest
1967–68 fellowship in Vienna
1987–91 teaching assignment at the Academy of Applied Arts, Budapest
from 1990 lecturer at the Academy of Fine Art, Budapest
2003 appointed professor at the Academy of Fine Art,
Budapest Kossuth-Preis
2005 founder member of the Open Structures Art Society (OSAS), Budapest