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Bildertausch 3
(18.05.08 - 28.09.08)
Werner Bauer
(18.05.08 - 28.09.08)
Alighiero Boetti
(26.10.08 - 26.04.09)
(26.10.08 - 26.04.09)
Kirstin Arndt
Vita Kirstin Arndt
Filderbahnfreundemöhringen ffm
Vita Filderbahnfreundemöhringen FFM
(Arbeit)2, 2008
Heinz Gappmayr
Vita Heinz Gappmayr
Vita rosalie
Timm Ulrichs
François Morellet (17.05. - 27.09.2009)
(28.05.2009 - 25.06.2009)
Homage to the Square
(18.10.2009 - 11.04.2010)
Timm Ulrichs (08.05. - 19.09.2010)
Camille Graeser (08.05. - 19.09.2010)
Caution colour!
(10.10.2010 - 01.05.2011)
Regine Schumann - black box
(10.10.2010 - 01.05.2011)
Spatial installation by Timm Ulrichs: Weights and Measures, 2008
Wordplay, wit and irony distinguish Timm Ulrichs’ ingenious oeuvre, which can be seen as in the tradition of Marcel Duchamp and Dada. The artist calls himself a “total artist” and enjoys creating works that transgress the boundaries of our social and aesthetic conventions.

Timm Ulrichs has developed the three-part installation “Weights and Measures” for MUSEUM RITTER. He has mainly taken historical works from the collection, and in this way paid homage to the pioneers of Concrete art. “My interpretation is also an act of reverence, which is why I have been fairly careful in how I have approached the works. I am not trying to expose them, to rob then of their glory, but to add something and broaden their meaning”, the artist said. The measurement relates both to the physical constitution of the works, which is to say their weights, their sizes, and their positions on the wall, as well as to their structure.

While the horizontality of the picture structures in one room is underlined by means of yellow spirit levels, in the other the plumb lines with black cords running down the sides of the works emphasizes their verticality. In the third section of the installation the artist determines the weight of the paintings by using a spring balance and verifies whether there is a relation between the real weight and the value of the pictures.

Works in the exhibition:

Timm Ulrichs
»bis zur Neige«, »Wasserwaagen-Bild III, 1986/94
Courtesy Timm Ulrichs

Timm Ulrichs
Bild, sein eigenes Gewicht anzeigend, 1968
Sammlung Paul Miggel, Duisburg, 2008

Timm Ulrichs
Der dehnbare Begriff, 1966/75
Courtesy Timm Ulrichs

Werke aus der Sammlung Marli Hoppe-Ritter:

Yaakov Agam
Evolution A, 2003

Josef Albers
Homage to the Square: Pronounced, 1961

Henryk Berlewi
Mécano-Facture (Mechano-Faktur), 1924 – 61

Max Bill
Transcoloration durch helle Zonen, 1972/73

Leo Breuer
Attitude grave, 1951

Geneviève Claisse
Supersymétric, 2000

Carlos Cruz-Diez
Physiochromie 2209, 1988

Hugo Demarco
Lumière, 1979

Karl Duschek
Das perfekte Quadrat, 2008

Rita Ernst
Bild 17. Oktober III, 1994

Adolf Fleischmann
No. 5, 1956

Horacio Garcia Rossi
o.T., 1976

Werner Graeff
Ort 2 A, 1962
Camille Graeser
Caput mortuum – grün 1:7, 1968

Camille Graeser
Abgewandelte Quadrate, 1943

Verena Loewensberg
o.T., 1974

Thilo Maatsch
o.T., 1972

Vera Molnar
Ronds, Couleurs, 1966

François Morellet
Grillage, 1971

Aurélie Nemours
La Nuit de Baudelaire, 1973

Aurélie Nemours
o.T., 1974

Mauro Reggiani
Composizione, 1979

Anastasio Soldati
o.T, 1930er Jahre

Anton Stankowski
Quadrat oder Kreuz, 1987

Henryk Stazewsky
o.T, 1964-73

Nicolai Suetin
Suprematistische Composition, 1928

Laurens van Kuik
o.T., 1916

Victor Vasarely
TLINKO-K, 1956/63

Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart
Composition No 200, 1954